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Second visit to the local family in need

Second visit to the local family in need

Posted by Jane Hannan on 24th Oct 2013

Wow I’ve been so busy and done so much there’s been no time for blogging! Doing lots of teaching, visiting the orphanage, I've been on a lone and solemn trip the Killing Fields (very upsetting) and much more but I’ll try and fill you in with a few new posts.

On Tuesday I nipped into the village to buy a stove (which is simply a stone fire basket), pots, pans, plates and other essentials for the poor family in the local village that we visited last week.Delivering more essentials to a local familyAnd today I paid them a visit to deliver this along with a little more food. They seemed much happier this time, we even got smiles and I didn’t cry!

Second visit to the local family in needIt’s been a humbling experience meeting this family, I hope I can get back to visit them before I leave Cambodia and I’ll try to keep up to date with how they get on in the future.